Seven Basic Elements to Writing a Résumé

Writing a new résumé or refreshing an old one? Here are seven basic elements every résumé should include. Identification Your name, city, state, zip (physical address is not required), telephone number, email address, and LinkedIn profile address (if applicable). Short Summary Three to five sentences describing your most outstanding qualifications. (A short bulleted list canContinue reading “Seven Basic Elements to Writing a Résumé”


The most important thing to remember is: The résumé is not about what you want — it’s what you can offer to an employer. Everything you put in the résumé — or don’t put in the résumé — should relate to the job that you’re seeking, demonstrating to the person with authority to hire youContinue reading “SECRETS TO AN INTERVIEW-WINNING RÉSUMÉ”

The Myth of the One-Page Résumé

Although many articles are stating that your résumé must be one-page, there is no established “rule” that a résumé should be only one page. There are many instances when a multi-page résumé is not only appropriate, but employers expect a resume to be submitted. Length is not the only consideration for a résumé’s effectiveness. TheContinue reading “The Myth of the One-Page Résumé”

Fifteen of HR’s Favorite Words To Include in Your Résumé or LinkedIn Profile

Your résumé’s carefully placed keywords have successfully navigated it through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) screening.  Now, it has found its way into the hands of a Human Resources Professional. What happens next? As you would expect, the human perspective and review of your résumé are entirely different from the mechanical sorting.  An HR ProfessionalContinue reading “Fifteen of HR’s Favorite Words To Include in Your Résumé or LinkedIn Profile”