Should I Include This Job on My Résumé?

Dear Claudia, I hate my new job. I worked at my old company for 12 years but was let go in a significant restructuring. I found a new job, and I’ve been here for four months, but I wouldn’t say I like it, and I’m going to quit. My question is: Should I include thisContinue reading “Should I Include This Job on My Résumé?”

Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

Your profile photo on LinkedIn is significant. Did you know that profiles with photos attract 50-70 percent more inquiries than profiles without pictures? On LinkedIn, the thumbnail photo is small, so be sure to choose your photo carefully. Here are some useful tips: Don’t use an old photo. There are few things worse than meetingContinue reading “Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Pic”

A Few Tips on How to Ace a Behavioral Interview

The most popular interviewing trend used by employers today is the behavioral interview.  This form of interview questions tends to focus upon your past experiences as well as your integrity, leadership abilities, initiative, communication skills, ability to problem solve, interpersonal skills, adaptability, knowledge, and past performance to determine if you will be a good fitContinue reading “A Few Tips on How to Ace a Behavioral Interview”

Some Great Tips for Finding Work During the Pandemic

Looking for or need a job during the pandemic? Now, more than ever, having a specific career goal is essential because the competition for any and all jobs today is fierce. You might find yourself wondering again: What does this uncertain future hold for me? One study conducted by the Bureau of Labor Statistics, youngerContinue reading “Some Great Tips for Finding Work During the Pandemic”

Six Valuable Traits Your Local Bartender Has That Relate To Any Job

The next time you drop by the local watering hole for a happy hour, take a good look at how the bartender provides great customer service and easily performs often complex tasks. When teaching a Career Development class some time ago, a slightly embarrassed soon-to-be grad asked how she could relate her current job (whichContinue reading “Six Valuable Traits Your Local Bartender Has That Relate To Any Job”