Three Secrets to Having an Excellent Online Interview

Interviewing is the act of performing and articulating precise details during the interview process that set you apart and land you the job!

You can have a successful online interview!

The secret to a successful interview begins with just three easy steps:

1) Comprehensively researching the company before the interview;

2) Preparing for the interview by taking part in one or more mock interviews comprised of questions you might be asked during the interview;

And finally:

3) Developing answers to the questions asked articulates why you should be the interviewer’s candidate of preference.

The preliminary step in laying the groundwork for the exceptional job interview is to research and find everything you can on the business. Carefully examine the job description to determine what are the company is looking for in an employee. Do you meet or exceed their requirements? Begin to compose notes and review them often. Well prepared notes will also equip you for a pre-screening phone interview if there is one.

You can never do too much research regarding the position, duties, place in the company’s culture, and, most importantly, its role in achieving its mission. To that end, ensure you know and fully understand its mission statement because it is probably one of the most critical items in learning a company’s culture. Is the company numbers-driven? Or, are they customer fulfillment driven?

Familiarizing yourself with the company’s culture might also include checking to see if they display a diversity statement. A company that visibly presents a diversity statement respectfully maintains that they do not discriminate against job candidates during the employment process and fully embrace a diversely rich workforce.

Preparing to take part in one or more “mock” interviews makes the online interview experience as practicable as possible. Dress and equip yourself as though you are going to a “real in-person” interview, including bringing your up-to-date portfolio information and multiple copies of your updated resume. Ensure that your “pseudo” interviewer asks you at least 20 of the most common behavioral interview questions.

If possible, have someone record your practice interview so that you can review and hear how you perform, look, and sound. Do you give the impression of being composed, or do you look ill at ease? If you feel uncomfortable or self-conscious, start the simulated interview over and try smiling (yes, a fleeting smile can help alleviate anxiety).

You will soon become aware that the more you practice, the less distraught you will be for the actual interview. Fine-tune your vocal tones as you answer the mock interviewer’s questions. Rehearse and ascertain how to modulate your voice to emphasize and enthusiasm on important information you want to express to the employer in the course of the interview, and endeavor to speak in a lower, measured intonation in other portions of the interview.

Once the interviewer has ended their part of the interview and asked if you have any questions for them, have several well-developed questions to pose to them regarding the job or the company – but don’t fail to remember that salary and benefits is a segment of a subsequent future interview and is not broached in the “initial interview” unless brought up by the employer. Finally, end every interview with a genuine smile.

You will accomplish an exceptional online interview!


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