Tips for Updating Your LinkedIn Profile Pic

Your profile photo on LinkedIn is significant. Did you know that profiles with photos attract 50-70 percent more inquiries than profiles without pictures? On LinkedIn, the thumbnail photo is small, so be sure to choose your photo carefully.

Here are some useful tips:

  • Don’t use an old photo. There are few things worse than meeting someone for the first time and not recognizing them because the profile picture on their LinkedIn profile is from several years ago.
  • Use a photo of you in your profile — don’t use a picture of an object.
  • With the “new look” LinkedIn, your photo should include your head and shoulders (not just a close-up of your face).
  • Smile! Radiate warmth and approachability in your photo.
  • Photos should be professionally done, if possible (but not Glamour Shots).
  • Wear your most complementary color. Bright colors can attract attention, but muted (tan or light olive green) or jewel tones (dark green, navy, or burgundy) will draw attention to you, not your clothes. Above all, avoid patterns.
  • Don’t include other people in your photos (and don’t crop other people out of your shot — there should not be any errant body parts in your LinkedIn photo!).
  • Make sure the background in the photo isn’t distracting. (Plain backgrounds are better)
  • Look directly at the camera.
  • Take multiple shots and ask people their opinion on which one makes you seem most “approachable.”
  • Tips for Men: Wear a dark blue or black dress shirt. No t-shirts or Hawaiian shirts. No busy or crazy patterns.
  • Tips for Women: Wear something that makes you feel comfortable. No t-shirts. No significant or busy patterns. Soft, dark V-necks look great. Black always works; avoid white. Long sleeves are best, so you’re not drawing attention to your exposed arms — instead, you want them to notice your face. (Uncovered arms also appear “bigger.”) If possible, get your hair and makeup done professionally.
Informational Contributor: Bridget Weide Brooks
Picture: Adobe Stock

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