Fifteen of HR’s Favorite Words To Include in Your Résumé or LinkedIn Profile

Your résumé’s carefully placed keywords have successfully navigated it through the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) screening.  Now, it has found its way into the hands of a Human Resources Professional.

Review of Resume

What happens next?

As you would expect, the human perspective and review of your résumé are entirely different from the mechanical sorting.  An HR Professional is looking at your résumé and LinkedIn profile to not only objectively match you with the open position but also to see if you will be a good fit within the company’s current team.

That is where additional wording that will invite the HR Professional to positively match you to the company’s culture and current/anticipated performance comes into play. A 2014 survey of Human Resources Professionals conducted by Career Builder found the following fifteen words to be HR Professionals’ favorites for inclusion in a résumé or LinkedIn profile:

Achieved: 52%

Improved: 48%

Trained/Mentored: 47%

Managed: 44%

Created: 43%

Resolved: 40%

Volunteered: 35%

Influenced: 29%

Increased/Decreased: 28%

Ideas: 27%

Negotiated: 25%

Launched: 24%

Revenue/Profits: 23%

Under budget: 16%

Won: 13%


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