How to ‘Power-Up’ Your LinkedIn Profile

To get the most out of your LinkedIn profile, make sure you do these four things: Polish Up and Complete Your Profile. Your profile is the “front door” to your LinkedIn account. First impressions matter, so make sure you’ve made your profile and profile picture as professional as possible. As an added benefit, your LinkedInContinue reading “How to ‘Power-Up’ Your LinkedIn Profile”

Simple Steps to Enhance or Repair Your Social Media Image

You have been searching for the right position, and you have done everything you should do-updated your resume/CV and LinkedIn profile – so why aren’t you getting interviews?  It could be your social media presence. Today’s savvy employers want to know who they are asking in for an interview or hiring. With social media at an all-time high in usage,Continue reading “Simple Steps to Enhance or Repair Your Social Media Image”

Rejected for a position? It’s time to reboot and move on!

Turned down for the job? Didn’t get the interview? Lost the position to someone you believe to be a less qualified candidate?  Don’t try to rationalize away the sting of being rejected. Don’t let your worth be defined by others… Even though it smarts, you’ve got to get right back in the hunt. Rejection isContinue reading “Rejected for a position? It’s time to reboot and move on!”

How A Stay-At-Home Parent or Caregiver Can Impress Prospective Employers

The purpose of any résumé is to make it easy for employers to appreciate your unique value, experience, and qualifications. If you are a stay-at-home parent or caregiver who is ready to apply for full or part-time work outside the home, it may seem as though you have nothing to present to a prospective employer. But,Continue reading “How A Stay-At-Home Parent or Caregiver Can Impress Prospective Employers”

How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

  As all job seekers now know, a well-written and complete LinkedIn profile is essential to maximizing LinkedIn’s application to your job search efforts.  Below are some tips on fully optimizing your profile. Profiles on LinkedIn are structured like a traditional résumé. LinkedIn uses the words you use to describe your work experience and educationContinue reading “How to Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile”